L.E. McCullough started writing and producing plays in 1993, and he’s only finished 216 … so far.

These plays are performed throughout the world at schools, community centers, festivals, museums, historical societies and theatre venues of all kind in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, China and the Middle East.

He has written and published over 300 youth monologues for audition and competition use, along with an Educational Theatre teaching primer (Anyone Can Produce Plays with Kids) and a series of books designed to teach school curriculum through drama (“Now I Get It!”: 12 Ten-Minute Classroom Drama Skits for Elementary Science, Math, Language & Social Studies). With Lisa Bansavage and Jill K. Swanson, he has edited 60 Shakespeare Scenes for Teens and 111 Shakespeare Monologues for Teens.

His Plays of America from American Folklore collection has been named to Glencoe McGraw-Hill’s Recommended Reading List for students, alongside literary classics like A Separate Peace, Great Expectations, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird, Our Town and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Dr. McCullough’s educational playwriting commissions include works on WW II journalist Ernie Pyle, 1920s jazz bandleader Charlie Davis, corporate patriarch Col. Eli Lilly, Ben Franklin, Galileo, President Grover Cleveland, Battle of Trenton and the U.S. Constitution commissioned by the National Constitution Center.

He is book writer for Orphan Train, directed by Emmy and Tony Award winner Patricia Birch, and author of the upcoming New York production of First Mothers: The Women Who Raised America’s Presidents.

YOU CAN SEE all of L.E. McCullough’s theatre credits here

Along with the workshops he offers on:

playwriting   •   monologue writing   •   creating historical theatre
using drama in the classroom   •   the power of social-issue theatre
integrating plays into K-12 curriculum


LEM Play List-Guarantee

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